Ravenna Chiropractic & Acupuncture is a comprehensive health care facility open 6 days a week offering you the most updated and researched chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and one-on-one rehabilitation care. We provide a variety of treatment options that are personalized for each patient based on his/her complete health history and thorough examination. As providers of health care, not sick care, we find the root cause of the problem instead of treating a symptom or masking your symptoms with pills. Our team is dedicated to providing pain relief, rehab, and preventive healthcare with the latest in physical medicine and acupuncture techniques. And our welcoming staff is efficient and well trained in office procedures, patient care and insurance.

Fortunately, when your health challenges go beyond musculoskeletal issues we can still help!  Frustrated by watching his patients struggle in finding relief for their chronic health conditions, trapped by bouncing from specialist to specialist and confined by restrictions of the insurance companies, Dr. Blueter opened REVIVE Functional Medicine.

So if you have had it with hearing “we’ll just adjust your meds” then maybe it’s time you experience a model of healthcare that is patient-centered, not disease-centered.  Your specific action plan encompasses all the major pillars of health and is determined only after we get a detailed look at your health and environmental history and functional lab testing including genetic analysis. We also work with your doctors to reduce and many times eliminate your reliance on medications as your health improves. Our functional medicine patients have had tremendous success with their individualized programs.